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Skopje - Mavrovo Tour

Skopje - Mavrovo Tour
Skopje - Mavrovo Tour Skopje - Mavrovo Tour Skopje - Mavrovo Tour Skopje - Mavrovo Tour Skopje - Mavrovo Tour Skopje - Mavrovo Tour
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The tour includes visit to Mavrovo, which represents one of the most attractive tourist centers in Macedonia. It manages with abundance of all floral and animal world, among which is stressing numerous, and presence of does, dears, bears, lynx’s etc. Near to Mavrovo are found the famous Debar villages Galichnik, Gary, Selce, Treshonce, the monastery St. Jovan Bigorski, all placed in one impressive natural environment. In the hart of Bistra mountain, lays Galichnik. Referred to – synonym for authenticity, skillful excavation, art, national revivalism, impressing traditional mode, habits and architecture, and incredible tasty white and yellow cheese. Tour also included visit to the monastery St. Jovan Bigorski which is found 2 km from Rostushe village, Debar, on the altitude above the sea level of 740 m. Placed on the impressionable Bigor rocks on canyon valley of the river Radika, in the embrace of the exuberant forests implanted in the north – west slopes of Bistra Mountain. This incredible, magical landscape, the monastic mysticism and human ideality in one world, which out runs the frontiers of rational knowing. The monastery complex includes: church, charnel house, located to the church itself, defense tower, complex of monastery shelters, and the new built guests shelters.

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